I have a cousin who is an optometrist however I have gone to Dr Schwartz since his office opened in Sterling Hts and the employees there are TOP SHELF.Would never consider going anywhere else.

Every time I go there it's like visiting family!!! Everyone is so wonderful to deal with, always friendly and
helpful. Always a pleasure!!!


The staff are very friendly. When I am there for an appointment, I am treated like family, addressed by my first name as soon as I walk through the doors. I think it's amazing that after all the years I have been going to this office, that the majority of staff, if not all, are still working there. This is a sign that they work for and with wonderful doctors and they really enjoy working with each other. Keep up the good work.


Dr. Koski is an amazing doctor. She always takes time to explain everything she is doing during an exam. She answers all questions with knowledge and patience! I have had many eye exams but never before with anyone as thorough, professional and friendly as Dr. Koski. Highly recommend her.


Our family of 5 (ages 6-36, all who wear glasses) seems to be there often. The staff is always warm and helpful. The lab is always available to help with adjustments, even if we were just there a few days ago. The doctors are always in a good mood and very professional. I cannot imagine not going to see Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Koski.


The professionalism in the office is beyond expectations. Everyone, from the reception desk to the assistants to the doctor himself, was engaging, open, friendly and wanting to help with confidence and care.
I felt like a valued patient.


This was my teenage daughters first appointment to have her eyes check for glasses. Once the appointment was over, she said that it was fun. The staff was very nice and the lady that helped my daughter gave her good advice on the selection of glasses we looked at. Thanks


Everything is easy, never confused about whats going on (insurance, exams, etc..).


I like the respect & kindness from every staff member. I like being able to talk with all of them (I know I talk toooo much), but I really like everyone & am so happy I came back. (I only left temporarily because I had no insurance)! Thank you Dr. Koski for your continued sense of kindness & caring when I feel always like I've done something wrong in the overall care of my eyes. Just seems like they get worse with every visit & it bothers me, but you have a special sense that says, it's going to be ok, let's see what we can do to fix it. You're the best. And thank you Marie for taking time to check with that "other Optical place" I had to go to without insurance. You're so kind !!

I can't imagine improving anything in the office or the staff. Everything & everyone is just as perfect as can be. Thank you for being a wonderful team! I would say that your staff could be another member of the "Fish Project". If you don't know what that is, you may have to look it up, because it seems, you all take part in a wonderful experience, making people happy, comfortable & trustworthy with our eyesight. Thank you once again.


What I like best is the friendly staff and doctors. I've been coming to the office for years and, while there are closer locations to my house and workplace, I continue to visit Dr Schwartz Optometrist and Associates becasue of thier quality, professional and freindly atmosphere.


Convenience, quick appointment and friendly


I've been a patient for many years and continue to come back because of the friendly staff. The staff knows me by name and makes me feel like family when I come in.


What I like best is probably everything. Dr. Koski is sweet, professional, personable, and understanding. She took all the time I needed with her and never made me feel rushed or unimportant. The entire staff is easy going and professional as well. I am truly happy with this office.


The staff was great. short waiting time.office hours are great because I can come in the evening.


Clean and friendly and don't try to push glasses on you if you need them


The staff at Dr. Schwartz's office is ALWAYS friendly and it's nice that they know who you are when you walk in.


Everyone is so friendly and personable. It's so great to see the same friendly staff every year. A real pleasure to talk to everyone.

~ Jack

I love how nice everyone is. You really care about your patients and it shows!!!

~ Dionne

I have been coming to Dr Schwawrtz for a long time because he is very professional and personable. I love it that he listens to me and actually remembers me as a person, not just a patient. I have never had a bad experience and will continue to come back in the years to come. My eyes thank him and so do I.

~Michele B 

Dr Koski and the staff have always been very friendly and helpful. You are never rushed. Last night Marla and Marie were great helping me pick out my glass and sunglasses. I kept them over and I appreciate their time.


The staff was patient and un-rushed. The doctor explained every step of the exam, thoroughly checked my eyes and correctly diagnosed my vision issues. The doctor took the time to address my concerns. I have a lot of confidence that I am in good, competent hands. I will definitely recommend this office to my friends.


You are treated like family! It's the little things like remembering your name. Prompt return calls and exellent care that keep us coming back.

~ Anonymous