I like the respect & kindness from every staff member. I like being able to talk with all of them (I know I talk toooo much), but I really like everyone & am so happy I came back. (I only left temporarily because I had no insurance)! Thank you Dr. Koski for your continued sense of kindness & caring when I feel always like I've done something wrong in the overall care of my eyes. Just seems like they get worse with every visit & it bothers me, but you have a special sense that says, it's going to be ok, let's see what we can do to fix it. You're the best. And thank you Marie for taking time to check with that "other Optical place" I had to go to without insurance. You're so kind !!

I can't imagine improving anything in the office or the staff. Everything & everyone is just as perfect as can be. Thank you for being a wonderful team! I would say that your staff could be another member of the "Fish Project". If you don't know what that is, you may have to look it up, because it seems, you all take part in a wonderful experience, making people happy, comfortable & trustworthy with our eyesight. Thank you once again.


What I like best is the friendly staff and doctors. I've been coming to the office for years and, while there are closer locations to my house and workplace, I continue to visit Dr Schwartz Optometrist and Associates becasue of thier quality, professional and freindly atmosphere.